Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Polymer clay - Manuka flower

Альбом: Polymer clay

This is a manuka flower - a tribute to our beloved manuka honey. The pendant is not exactly in my style, the idea was to try certain techniques. Mastered the techniques OK, and got some 'by-products' left as well. This thing came out like this, I am not to blame here :). All things that I make seem to have minds of their own, and this was no exception. My only input was the white flower which the thing was trying to get rid of. The flower broke several times for various minor silly reasons, but in the end I had my way!

Polymer clay - Maori pattern

Альбом: Polymer clay

This Maori pattern I borrowed from a Maori ritual. Tried to make an imitation of carved beads as instructed on Donna Kato's website with one small difference - mixed ordinary eye shadows into semi-transarent clay. Made the first two beads - and the rest followed naturally.

The story of how I put it together may be also worth telling (imho). I sat for more than 4 hours but didn't get halfway through. Took it all apart next morning an put it all back together in less than half an hour. That's what I call to sleep on it! And the thing came out quite nice.

Polymer clay - Rangitoto Rain and Associations

Some respected fellows :) believe this is something edible. The more I look at this pendant, the more eager I get to agree with it. Originally, however, this was called Rangitoto Rain.

Альбом: Polymer clay