Thursday, January 21, 2010

Имитация глины - "Солнце"

Альбом: Polymer clay 2. Разное.

Альбом: Polymer clay 2. Разное.

Полимерная глина+войлок+деревянные бусины+вощеный шнур+медная фурнитура+энциклопедия "Средневековые европейские символы"=вот такая вещица :))).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Имитация дерева - "Лес"

А вот что получилось из остатков глины от предыдущей работы :). Собралось неожиданно и очень быстро.

Альбом: Polymer clay 1

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Имитация дерева - "Hei matau"

Очередной маорийский талисман - Hei matau.
Альбом: Polymer clay

Крючок объемный, изнаночная сторона отделана натуральной кожей. Наполнитель - тот самый легкий Sculpey, что оправдывает размеры крючка (6,5 см высоты на 1,5 толщины). Кроме глины и вощеного шнура использован гель Фимо и обычное бутылочное стекло (найденное на пляже и обработанное океаном) и ма-а-а-а-аленький кусочек новозеландской paua :).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Полимерная глина - "Флора"

Полимерная глина, вощеный шнур и бусы-галстук:
Альбом: Polymer clay

Полимерная глина и хлопковая нить

Альбом: Polymer clay

Просто бусы. Забавные, на мой взгляд :). Один из шнуров связан из "Ириса", кольца обмотаны им же. Диаметр большой бусины - 3 см. Наполнитель у всех бусин - Sculpey Ultralight, поэтому бусы не тяжелые.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sculpey Ultralight

Here are my impressions of using Sculpey Ultralight

Available only in white. Ideal for filling large(and not very large) elements.Fairly sticky and very soft. Baked at 130 degrees Celcuis for 20 minutes. After baking all excess parts are cut or scraped off easily. Second baking with FIMO coating is also successful. No cracks or slits. And one more thing, beads filled this it in fact stay afloat!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Polymer clay and leather

Альбом: Polymer clay

Альбом: Polymer clay

It's all about experimenting... After everything about clay and felt made clear, I turned to clay and leather. So far they prove to be a good match, at least I like the result. Apart from leather, of course, for the first time here I used microbeads.
Hemispheres are 38 mm in diametre. Bracelet size and pendant length are adjustable here as well as in all other products.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Polymer clay and felt

Альбом: Polymer clay

Been though this before, but this theme just didn't let me go. There had to be something else to complement the bracelet. This 'something' turned out to be a pendant and a ring. The felt is stiched to create a rough-surface effect.As a matter of fact I tried to make it look like a piece of lava

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Polymer clay - Hei Matau

Faux jade, silver plated wire, carving

Альбом: Polymer clay

Maori talisman Hei Matau. Traditionally carved in the shape of a stylized fish hook. It is believed to bring good luck, peace, good health, prosperity and safe passage across water, especially important for Maori people.

To my mind the imitation came out quite well. The photo may not allow to feel the beads' 'naturalness', but that's how they look like in reality. The 'caps' on the top center bead - my first experience with wire, which I kind of liked. Wire is very much like clay - it's very pliable and allows much manipulation.
It's a pity this can't be worn as it is since I made two gross mistakes when putting it together, but I'm in no way discouraged by that since it's a good chance to give it another try :)

UPD:  after makeover:

Альбом: Polymer clay 1