Saturday, January 02, 2010

Polymer clay - Hei Matau

Faux jade, silver plated wire, carving

Альбом: Polymer clay

Maori talisman Hei Matau. Traditionally carved in the shape of a stylized fish hook. It is believed to bring good luck, peace, good health, prosperity and safe passage across water, especially important for Maori people.

To my mind the imitation came out quite well. The photo may not allow to feel the beads' 'naturalness', but that's how they look like in reality. The 'caps' on the top center bead - my first experience with wire, which I kind of liked. Wire is very much like clay - it's very pliable and allows much manipulation.
It's a pity this can't be worn as it is since I made two gross mistakes when putting it together, but I'm in no way discouraged by that since it's a good chance to give it another try :)

UPD:  after makeover:

Альбом: Polymer clay 1

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